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"People just don't have enough money..."

Isha Bell Founder of My Brand Therapy

I hear this line quite often when I first speak with a franchisor about finding quality franchisees.

If you're using brokers or portals, then you're only limited to their supply of leads. So I can understand why it feels like you’re not getting enough franchisee prospects that can afford you.

But let me open up your world a bit.

To put this graphic into context, there are 250K-300K monthly active people on Facebook interested in franchising opportunities, who also have a networth of $500K+!

By the way, this was found in Facebook audience insights - a free tool within Facebook.

So when a franchisor says to me…”people don’t have enough money” as to the reason they aren’t seeing a spike in leads, I say to that “Oh yes the hell they can, lemme show ya sumthin’”

Now that you see the power in these insights…you must ask yourself “how can my brand story connect with these people to take action?"

Now you’re cookin’!

And that's where I come in.

My mission is to understand how and why visual storytelling ties into franchise growth, and use this to help you grow into a national brand.

Dana Spinolafranchisor, fab'rik, grew 187% in 3 years

Thank you for helping me grow my brand!

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