In the movie castaway Tom Hanks plays the resourceful character Chuck Noland who had to find his way to survive on an island by using the contents of FedEx packages.

He used ice-skates to chop coconuts and wood. He used the laces to fish.

Now in the business world this would be called “bootstrapping” and would normally be something start-ups would resort to. However, I feel that elements of this concept can still be used even in an established environment.

Over the past few years, 9 to be exact, my interest in branding retailers, specifically franchised retailers, into a national brand has been quite an adventurous ride.

One of the challenges that comes up often is how to attract new franchisees.

The old ways just aren’t working anymore.

When it comes to attracting new franchisees, how do you normally go about it?

Is it by going to expos?

Using brokers?

3rd party recruiting websites?

From my experience, I found that many franchisors already have access to prospects without having to employ any of the above options…to my clients delight! 🙂

It’s about tapping into the existing resources you already have.

Here’s a new approach for you…

You can attract new franchisees by focusing your branding and marketing efforts on your existing retail customers.

But there’s a certain way to do it. And it needs to be an ongoing effort.

When my clients ask prospects on the application form – “How did you become aware of this opportunity?” 90% of the response was either “I shop at the [store] location in [city]” or “I’ve been a customer since inception” or “I take my [family member] shopping at the [city] location and asked the owner there how they opened their store.” or “I’m a frequent shopper.”

When investigated even further, other franchisors in the industry, when asked where did the majority of their franchisees come from… I heard a lot of “Oh yeah, It’s mostly customers who have shopped with us before.” This was being said from franchisors as small as 5 units to some as large as over 100 units.

Creating branding campaigns to market to your existing retail customers is the best route to stimulate new franchisee leads.


  1. Your customers are familiar with your merchandise, they already bought from you, and they “get” (and love) your concept
  2. You already have an established relationship so they are more open to hear about your opportunity
  3. And you’ve established trust, so they aren’t shy about asking questions

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Here’s to opening up your “FedEx” box!